Oxalic Acid Vaporiser 12V – Varroa Treatment


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Very efficient methods to administrate Oxalic Acid treatment to bees to fight off the varroa mite.

This is one of the best oxalic acid treatments available and can be used with this vaporizer or by using the dripping method.

The procedure for use is:
During a period of cold weather in the winter:
Seal the hive to keep in the vapor, normally with a foam bung at the entrance.
Add the correct quantity of Oxalic Acid to the cup of the vaporizer.
Connect up to a 12V car battery and slip the cup of vaporizer into the center of the hive through the entrance.
Seal the entrance back up.
Leave until all the oxalic acid has vaporized (a few minutes) and remove.
Leave sealed up for a few more minutes and then remove the foam bung from the entrance


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