Queen Mating Hive


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Beekeeping Queen Poly Mating Hive

  • Excellent thermal insulation performance: The thermal insulation performance of plastic foam materials is 3.5 times that of wooden materials. Its excellent thermal insulation performance can make the micro-bee colony more resistant to the scorching heat, cold spring and autumn freezing weather conditions. Ensure that beekeepers continue to breed high-quality queen bees in early spring, intense heat, and late autumn.
  • Save worker bee and low cost: The cabinet has a reasonable structure and advanced materials. Only hundreds of bees can be used to continuously cultivate queen bees from early spring to late autumn, and even the group can survive the winter independently.
  • High success rate and high quality of queen bee: Due to the relatively small number of worker bees, the mini-mating colony is better than the large colony in terms of queen development, mating speed and success rate; the bee colony has a spherical structure, which is closer to the normal living condition of the colony, and is more conducive to the feeding of the worker bees compared with the standard frame small colony. Feed and guard the queen bee and cultivate high quality queen bees.
  • Anti-escape function: The multi-functional anti-escape nest door is easy to use. After the queen bee mates successfully, adjust the nest door to the worker bee access hole to effectively prevent small groups from flying away and causing queen bee losses.
  • Obviously feeding anti-theft performance: The independent feeding box is located in the rear part of the box, which is convenient for adding feed and also good for anti-theft.


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